This Week in Seoul

Things to Do in Seoul This Week (May 21 – May 27)

Things to Do in Seoul This Week: May 21 - May 27, 2018


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Recurring Events

Lotus Lantern Festival –Yeon Deung Hoe  (연등회)

May 11May 22, Jogyesa Temple, Free

The 2018 Lotus Lantern Festival – Yeon Deung Hoe (연등회) will continue at the Jogyesa Temple in downtown Seoul with an Exhibition of Traditional Lanterns until  May 22nd.  The Jogyesa temple, considered the center of Korean Buddhism was originally built in the late 14th century and rebuilt in 1910 after the original structure was burnt to ashes. The colorful lanterns carrying the wishes of thousands of hopeful souls engulf the famous tree in the Jogyesa temple courtyard. This is a fitting place to celebrate the Lotus Lantern Festival, a millennial tradition commemorating the birth of the Historical Buddha which falls on 8th of April by Lunar Calendar (22 May 2018) this year.


Photo by i Art Seoul

Design Art Fair 2018

May 17 @ 11:00 amMay 26 @ 8:00 pm, Hangaram Arts Center Museum,₩10,000

There will be a Design Art Fair taking at the Hangaram Arts Center Museum from Thursday, May 17th, 2018 to Sunday, May 26th, 2018. This exhibition will showcase work from many different categories like design, painting, illustration, handcraft, installations, and digital media.

There will be a  “Ceramic Art Exhibition” of different types of ceramic such as moulding, porcelain, kiln, and slipcast. Artists working in various in fields such as painting, illustration, photography, textile design, sculpture, and ceramic will create and present innovative design work based on this year’s theme of animal.

Photo courtesy of Seoul Design Art Fair

Seoul Drum Festival 2018

May 25 @ 1:00 pmMay 26 @ 9:30 pm, Seoul Plaza, Free

The 2018 Seoul Drum Festival will take place at the Seoul Plaza for two days from Friday, May 25th, 2018 to Saturday, May 26th, 2018. It will be held under the slogan, “You must feel your heart race otherwise it ain’t a festival.”


There will be performances by world-renowned drummer Benny Greb, living electronic drum legend Michael Schack, and other internationally well-known drum teams. There will also be a special performance by the winner of the “Citizen Drummer Contest”, adding outstanding Korean drummers to the lineup of performers.


Additional programs such as a drum exhibition and experience booths have also been included to show and commemorate the history of the Seoul Drum Festival.

Photo courtesy of Seoul Drum Festival

Boseong Green Tea Festival

May 18 (Fri) @ 7:30 amMay 19 (Sat) @ 10:00 pm
May 20 (Sun) @ 7:30 amMay 21 (Mon) @ 10:00 pm

Funday Korea Network cordially invites you to a two days, one night trip to the Boseong Green Tea Festival in the Jeollanam Province, the birthplace of green tea  and home to the largest tea field in Korea! Go for a one-of-a-kind experience of picking, making, and tasting green tea, and also enjoy traditional performances! They are looking for foreign national in Korea who can write a review on their own social media about the festival to apply!

Activities will include, tea leaves picking experience, Boseong tea making experience , Treasure hunting, Tea ceremony & Traditional tea party, Daehan Dawon tea field visit.

You can choose between two different dates Friday-Saturday or Sunday-Monday. 

Trip includes:

1. Accommodation for one night and four meals

2.Round trip transportation (bus)

3.Fee charges for all the programs


Accomodation will be at the Boseong Youth Training Center with Five people per room.

Refund requests will NOT be accepted after May 15th. We are NOT able to refund your entry fee if you fail to show up at the event.

※ Only those selected to participate will receive an individual email containing information about how to transfer the entry fee.

Photo Courtesy of Funday Korea Networks

The Opening and Closing of the Royal Palace Gates and Royal Guard Changing Ceremonies (수문장 교대의식)

The Royal Guard Changing Ceremonies at the various Royal Palace Gates in Seoul are a must see. These ceremonies have taken place since the ancient times, 1469 to be precise and the present reenactment follow the original ceremonies to the letters according to VisitKorea. The ceremonies take place everyday except Tuesdays at various times during the day, so plan your visit to Gyeongbokgung Palace accordingly so you do not miss this rare traditional ritual. 

Performance Times & Locations: 

Sumunjang (Royal Guard) Changing Ceremony
10:00, 14:00 / 20 minutes per ceremony
Gwanghwamun Gate Guard-on-Duty Performance
11:00, 13:00 / 10 minutes per ceremony
Sumungun (Gatekeeper) Military Training (outside Hyeopsaengmun Gate)
09:35, 13:35 / 15 minutes per ceremony

* No ceremonies and performances on Tuesdays.
* Please note that the schedule is subject to change.
* Event may be cancelled in case of rain.

  • Period-0 1.01.2018 ~ 12.31.2018
  • Address-161, Sajik-ro, Jongno-gu, Seoul 서울특별시 종로구 사직로 161 (세종로)
  • Location-Gyeongbokgung Palace and Gwanghwamun area
Photo courtesy of Visit Korea

Deoksugung Fair Shop

The Deoksugung Fair Shop, an open marketplace at the Deoksugung Stone Wall Path located between Daehanmun Gate and the circular water fountain is currently open for business and will continue until November 3 of this year, excluding July and August, every week, Thursday to Saturday from 11am to 6pm .

The products for sale at the fair range from leather crafts, accessories, room fresheners and other handmade products, from art and design pieces to clothing apparel.

There will be various cultural performances and hands-on activities, including drawing, flowerpot making and arts and crafts. The cultural performances include Indie and senior bands, drum recitals, magic, mime shows and more. The shows will be on at 12:20pm on Thursdays and Fridays and 2:00pm for 40 minutes on Saturdays. For further performance details, please visit seoulbusking.com.

The Deoksugung Stone Wall Path will operate exclusively as a pedestrian walkway from 11am to 2pm on the weekdays and 10am to 5pm on Saturdays to promote the safety of market-goers.

  • Period -05.03.2018 ~ 11.3.2018 (Excluding July & August)
  • Time: 11:00am- 6:00pm
  • Address -04519 99 Sejongdaero, Jung-gu, Seoul
  • Location -Deoksugung Stone Wall Path
Photo courtesy of i Seoul U

A Midsummer Night’s Dream // 한여름 밤의 꿈

Once upon a time, I used to be an avid Shakespeare reader. I have read most of Shakespeare’s plays in both English and French. Midsummer Night’s Dream is my favorite comedy as Othello is my favorite tragedy. In high school, I played Cassio. I enjoyed the duel scene most (a girl dressed as a soldier in a sword fight, what not to like?) I like Midsummer’s Night’s Dream’s play within a play sequence which makes it confusing but fun nonetheless. I like the imagery or the forest and costumes. I have been to Shakespeare’s Globe in London and frequented the Shakespeare Theatre Company in DC often. Well, you get the gist, I really love Shakespeare and I am really happy that I can continue to experience the Shakespeare world here in Seoul:

The Eurasia Shakespeare Theatre Company in Seoul is running this Midsummer’s Night Dream production until June, every day except for Mondays and Twice on Saturdays! 

Their website direct you to purchase tickets on interpark but this play is not listed on interpark. Contact the Eurasia Shakespeare Theatre company directly on facebook or through their website to inquire about tickets directly. I will update this with better information on how to obtain tickets when I have successfully done so myself.

  • Period-0 5.04.2018 ~ 6.10.2018
  • Location-Cultural Space Ellim Hall 엘림홀
  • Address-195-6 Dongsung-dong, Jongno-gu Seoul, 동숭동 195-6, Seoul, Korea
  • Tuesday- Friday: 7:30pm - 10:00pm
  • Saturday: 3:00 - 5:30pm , 7:30pm - 10:00pm
  • Sunday: 3:00 - 5:30pm
Photo courtesy of Eurasia Shakespeare Theatre Company

Korean Baseball

Baseball season has officially kicked off in Korea. Baseball is a hallmark of Korean culture so if you live here, you should go even if you are not a sports fan.  Just like everything else in Korea, baseball games are very affordable – Tickets start at 7,000 won. Depending on seating, regular tickets range from 7,000 to 40,000 won for adults, 5,000 won, (6,000 won on weekends) for  students and free to 4,000 won for children.

There are three teams in seoul (LG Twins, Doosan Bears, Nexen Heroes) and you should pick one to  cheer at the games. Go Doosan (I don’t know!) 

There are three Stadiums in Seoul. There may be a game playing at the different stadiums at the same time on the same day, so if you don’t have a team preference and are just going for the ride, pick the stadium nearest you. 

How to buy tickets:

Getting tickets for the game online is not very straightforward as the ticket site is only in Korean.  You can buy tickets on English sites like stub hub but they do not seem to offer the very affordable seats.  If you can read Korean or have a Korean Chingu, you can buy tickets from this site: http://ticket.interpark.com/Contents/Sports. You can can sign up for an account using your Kakao Talk  login information. You will see the Kakao Talk logo, click on it and it will take you to a screen where you set up an account. After you set up the accounts, you should go back to the main page of inter park and navigate to the sports tab again. Click on the game you want to go to and you will be redirected to page with three options, use the first options to sign in with your phone number or the third option to sign up with your Alien Registration card. Depending on the browser that you’re using you can right to translate the page or you can copy and paste sections of the page into Google Translate. The other, easiest option, would be to buy tickets at the stadium.


  • Tuesday- Friday: 6:30pm
  • Saturday: 5:00pm
  • Sunday: 2:00pm

Jamsil Baseball Stadium

  • 25 Olympic-ro, Jamsil 7(chil)-dong, Songpa-gu, Seoul

Gocheok Sky Dome

  • 430 Gyeongin-ro, Gocheok-dong, Guro-gu, Seoul

Mokdong Baseball Stadium

  • 939 Annyangcheon-ro, Mok 1(il)-dong, Yangcheon-gu, Seoul

Monday, May 21st

Open Mic Night 2.0

8:30pm-10:30pm, The Hidden Cellar, Free

Have you got talent? The Hidden Cellar bar in HBC is always looking for performers for their open mic nights. If you don’t have any talents, don’t worry, you can go to get rid of the Monday’s blues! It’s on every second Monday! 

Photo courtesy of The Hidden Cellar

Tuesday, May 22nd

Sattva Yoga Vinyasa Flow (English)

 7:30- 8:30pm, Sattva Yoga, ₩15,000

Are you looking for an affordable Yoga class. Sattva Yoga in Apgujeong offers an English Vinyaa Flow yoga on Tuesdays. This class typically explores some pranayama (breathwork), lots of dynamic movement with one or two challenging postures and some longer releases towards the end of class. Expect to build some heat and leave feeling relaxed and refreshed. All Levels are welcomed!

About the teacher: Eithne is a 200-hour Yoga Alliance certified yoga teacher. She underwent her first yoga training in Goa, India in 2015 where she specialised in Vinyasa and Ashtanga yoga. She enjoys sharing her passion with everyone who practices together with her.

Photo by Farsai C. on Unsplash

Wednesday, May 23th 

Urban Gardening

1:30pm3:00pm, Seorae Global Village Center, Free

Do you have a green thump? Go plant herbs with the Seorae Global Village Center every Wednesday afternoon and Friday morning. You will be working on the village rooftop garden and Yongsan family park. The herbs and DIY products made from them are sold at local markets and the proceed redistributed to charities in Korea. Go learn how to garden while also contributing to the community.

Photo courtesy of Markus Spiske on Unsplash

Hanji Craft Class

2pm3:30pm, Seoul Global Cultural Center , Free

Hanji is the name of traditional handmade paper from Korea. Hanji is made from the inner bark of Paper Mulberry, a tree native to Korea. Learn how to make a beautiful hand mirror at the next Hanji Craft Class at the Seoul Global Cultural Center.  The great thing about the Hanji classes is that you get to make something with functionality. Last week I made my own cardholder which I now use for business cards. This class is completely free of charge due to the generosity of the Seoul Global Cultural Center. The only caveat is that the event is limited to foreigners living in Korea. The center is strict about this requirement and ask  that you bring your Alien Registration Card (or Passport with SOFA stamp for SOFA Members, or diplomat ID for Diplomats) to verify your status. You have to register for an account with the Seoul Global Cultural Center before you can RSVP to attend any of their many events. Follow the link to their site to register and RSVP. The events fill up fast so register soon. Please contact the center directly with questions about this specific event. Learn a new skill and make new friends!

Photo courtesy of Seoul Global Cultural Center

K-Pop Dance Class

4pm – 5:30pm, Seoul Global Cultural Center , Free

Have you ever wanted to move like Psy? You know, Gangnam Style! I have two left foot but that will not stop me from trying. Let’s learn how to dance K-Pop at the Seoul Global Cultural Center. Make sure to arrive 5 minutes before the class and prepare comfortable clothing, shoes and a bottle of water! This class is free of charge thanks to the generosity of the Multicultural Division of Seoul Metropolitan Government  This event is restricted to foreign residents in Korea only. The center ask that you bring your Alien Registration Card (or Passport with SOFA stamp for SOFA Members, or diplomat ID for Diplomats). Follow the link to their site to register and RSVP. Please contact the center directly with questions about this specific event but feel free to leave a comment after about how much fun you had.

Thursday May 24th

Korean Folk Painting

2pm – 3:30pm, Seoul Global Cultural Center , Free

Do you see that painting of the Phoenix up there? I created that masterpiece, and so can you! Join the Korean folk painting class at the Seoul Global Cultural Center and you will be guided through a step-by-step process of how to paint beautiful creatures like that by the most patient instructors. Since this is a folk painting class, the animals or objects painted are symbolic in korean culture. You will also learn what each painting represents in  Korean folklore. The next painting will be the Morando.  This event is restricted to foreign residents in Korea only. The center ask that you bring your Alien Registration Card (or Passport with SOFA stamp for SOFA Members, or diplomat ID for Diplomats). These classes fill up fast so sign up quickly or sign up early for the next class. All levels are welcome. This course and all of the other courses are free of charge through the generousness of the Seoul Global Cultural Center. Please contact them directly with specific questions about any events. Leave us a comment to tell how you like the events and send us a picture to feature on our site or social media.

NIGHT HIKE SEOUL Seoul Fortress, Kim Shin-jo North Korean Spy Trail

7:30pm – 9:30pm, Han Seong Dae Station (한성대입구역) Line #4, ₩10000

Join Seoul Hike Nature Group for another great night hike. They will be hiking along Bukaksan 북악산, Seoul Fortress 서울성곽, Kim Shin-jo north korean spy trail 김신조스파이길. This hike is meant to be meditative as you walk mindfully and peacefully in the night.

Meet the organizers at: 730PM at Hanseong Univ.(한성대입구) station/line4, exit 6, next to Hyehwa station. Don’t be late, as they leave right on time.

Contact hiking leader Minje Park for more information or if running a little late 01098504554

Visit the page below for more information about what to wear but prepare comfortable shoes, extra layer of clothes to wear on top to enjoy view!

You must RSVP on  Meetup to join this hike! You can pay the 10000(10K) won which is used as a trip voucher whenever they organize weekend trip for which they need to charter a bus or book accommodation, on the day of the hike.

Trivia Night

8:00pm- 10:00pm, Rt 66 (Old Dillinger’s), Free

Western pub culture is synonymous with casual and friendly atmosphere, good food and drinks, sports, and live music but one thing that is becoming extremely popular in pubs is Trivia Nights. Most people don’t usually associate pubs with learning but trivia or pub quiz nights are a great way for people to show their friends how clever they are in a laid back and fun environment. The good news is you don’t have to go out west to enjoy this popular pastime. The Route 66 has a really popular Trivia Night every Thursday night. Participation is free and you have a chance of winning 50,000 won if your team wins first place, 25,000 won for second place and a pitcher of beer for third place. The host gives away shooters all night so you don’t even have to win to have a good time. Dillinger’s is a great local bar to hang out with friends and satisfy your craving for western food. Their loaded french fries with pulled pork is the best. GO have a good time with your friends and you might even learn a thing or two!

Photo courtesy of The Hidden Cellar

Jazz Night  

8pm- 10pm, The Hidden Cellar₩3,500

It’s Jazz Night at the Hidden Cellar tonight and every Thursday night! I checked out this cool little gem for their Tuesday language exchange program and I was immediately smitten by the charm of the place and the staff. The minute you walk in you become part of a tight little community. I am looking forward to attend more of their events, especially Jazz night! And the cool thing is they have really affordable food and drinks,  3500W for a glass of wine on Jazz Nights. They also just announced that their delicious pies with fries are 8,000w on Jazz Nights. I am really excited about this because I really like their pies. If you are looking for something to do on a Thursday night, this is the thing to do! Hopefully, i’ll see you there.

Photo courtesy of The Hidden Cellar

Friday, May 25th ​

Fitting Hanbok & Tea Ceremony

2:00pm – 4:00pm, Yeoksam Global Village Center, ₩20,000

We recently participated in a Hanbok and Tea Party and it was an experience to remember. I felt like a princess during the Hanbok fitting being dotted upon by a very thoughtful staff who took their time helping us find the perfect hanbok. They also do your hair just like in the olden times. After the hanbok fitting, the traditional tea ceremony took us back in time as we sat in our hanbok sipping tea. The cost of the hanbok rental itself is normally 20,000 won for 4 hours so this opportunity offered by the Yeoksam Global Village Center is very affordable as the cost includes the Tea Ceremony Experience as well as assistance with the hanbok rental. We have also participated at several other cultural experience at Namsangol Hanok Village, including rice cake making and traditional perfume making and think it is a fitting setting for a tea ceremony experience. You will get the chance to tour this traditional village with a spectacular view of Namsan Tower.

Photo taken by i Art Seoul

Saturday, May 26th ​

Seoul City Crew Cross Training (CXT) 

10am – 11:am, Banpo Bridge, Free

Spring is here which means summer is coming! Are you planning to hit the beach at Gangneung, now less than two hours from Seoul thanks to the new KTX line? Start working towards that beach body now by joining Seoul City Crew Cross Training (CXT). This event is completely free and all levels are welcome. The coaches are training for the upcoming Spartan Race on June 30th so you get to train like a spartan even if you are not planning on doing the race. I have been training with Seoul City Crew for two weeks now and each week, we meet at a different location, thus discovering a different spots in Seoul. The coaches are very personable and motivating. They really do accommodate every level. We are normally split up into 3 groups and you get to select which level you feel more comfortable at. There is always one coach at the back to make sure no one is left behind and each group is accorded enough time so that every member gets to do at least one rotation of each obstacle. The team work and camaraderie is really what makes this a great group to be a part of. 

Photo courtesy of Robert Micheal Evans

Vegan Festival

11:00am – 6:00pm, Seoul Innovation ParkFree

In Korea, there is a festival for everything. So, naturally, there is a festival for Vegans.

At the 5th Vegan Festival taking place at the Seoul Innovation park on May 26th, there will be many vendors selling vegan food, baking goods, up-cycling products, artwork products relating to veganism. There will also be a workshop “Yoga & Veganism” and performances.

If you are a vegan or interested in Veganism, you should definitely check this out

Photo from Pexels.com

Foreigners’ Flea Market

2:00pm – 9:00pm, Namsangol Hanok Village, Free

The Seoul Global Center is recruiting for both vendors and volunteers for the “Foreigners’ Flea Market. The Flea Market will be held on Saturday, May 26th at Namsangol Hanok Village. The Foreigners’ Flea Market is an event where people from all over the world share their culture by selling things from their own country. If you have used goods, traditional handicrafts, souvenirs, gifts and others, you are encouraged to bring them to the market to donate.

If you are interested in participating, please apply here: https://goo.gl/forms/RL084UngJKbS2DOQ2
Photo from Pexels.com

Irish Session

5pm – 8Pm, The Hidden Cellar, Free

Join Irish Session in Korea to play traditional Irish Music. Their music sessions are informal gatherings where they focus more on playing together than ‘performing’, and they say that they their sessions are generally quite social events. All musicians are welcome, regardless of ability or instrument. If you have an interest in learning to play traditional Irish music, you are invited to attend!

Photo courtesy of The Hidden Cellar

Sunday, May 27th 

Trivia Night at the Wolfhound

7pm- 10pm, Wolfound Pub, ₩3,000

The first time I went to Ireland, I went to this little city called Dublin. When I arrived to Dublin, I went straight to the little known area called Temple bar and walked into a bar called, The Temple Bar. I walked in at noon and didn’t walk out until the wee hours of the next morning. I got sucked into the Irish pub culture, the live music, the food, and the Guinness, oh my! A new Irish friend I made there introduced me to the Irish concept of a local pub. When I moved to Korea, Wolfhound Pub instantly became my local pub where I would often return for the great food, the atmosphere and the warm friendly familiar faces.  Sadly, this is not an advertisement for the Wolfhound Pub. This is after all a site about free and low-cost things to do in Seoul. Luckily, the Wolfhound Pub does have a great low-cost event every week—Sunday Night Trivia at the Wolfhound! Yay! If you are looking to stimulate your mind, come to the weekly Sunday Nights Trivia. It’s only KRW 3,000 to participate. Basically, each participant throws in 3,000 won into an empty pitcher. At the end of the night, the winning team gets to take home the contents of the pitcher! Second place gets a free pitcher bought by the first place team. And the last place team chooses the Karaoke song that the winning team must sing to collect their money. My team,  this time the “Seoul Bitches” continues our losing streak and had the honor once again of choosing the Karaoke song  “Single Ladies” which the winning team (two guys) happily sang . To be fair, there were only two of us in the team. Go have your mind expanded, have a pint of Guinness and some good ole Irish “craic”.

Photo courtesy of Wolfhound Pub