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Dum vivimus, vivamus

Eventtixt is an arts, culture and health conscious platform designed to promote the culture and vibrancy of cities across the world. The aim is to make the arts, culture and other social activities more accessible to foreigners living in those cities as well as visitors stopping in for a quick tour. From storied museums to art gallery openings, live music gigs, outdoor films, trivia nights, cooking classes, dance classes, yoga and more, we will always have something in our calendar that you can do everyday of the week, 365 days a week. Discover amazing city through through their dynamic cultural scene and broaden your social circle. While we live, let us live!

Giselle Ballet
Giselle Ballet in Seoul

"Who are we"

What we brought? We run the world Who run the world? Girls

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Fabienne Valmond

A Phd candidate at Korea University Global School of International Studies (GSIS), the founder of Eventtixt is a social butterfly who loves to travel and discover new places. She has lived in five different countries and several major cities, including Atlanta, Miami, Tbilisi, Paris, D.C and now Seoul. The inspiration for Eventtixt came from the resources she took advantages of while living in those amazing cities. Some of her favorite things to do in a new city is to visit museums, art galleries, attend arts performances, concerts, hang out at local pubs, or catch some free events at a local park. In order to do all of those amazing things, especially on a student budget, she had to become an expert at finding free and cheap events. Her goal is to use this site as a tool to make the arts, culture and other social things in cities across the world more accessible to budget minded travelers.